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EVOLVE is an organisation which uses Creative Writing and Performing Arts to have a positive impact on young people. We will be delivering sessions based in schools, PRU’s and community settings. For years it has been our passion and our dream to help motivate, lead and encourage the Youth Community in to a better brighter future. We are delivering taster sessions in July with a view to starting programmes in September.




Drama Workshops

EVOLVE deliver drama based workshops and courses using performance and creative writing to explore the theme of communication. 

Who Are Evolve?


Karen Woods


Karen has lived in North Manchester all her life. Karen has had a colourful life and has many life experiences. Karen started writing when she was 39 years of age. She has now penned 19 novels, two best-selling. She has written and directed six sell-out shows at The Lowry and Middleton Arena. Karen writes raw, gritty storylines and has many readers and followers of her work. She is also an inspirational talker in Manchester Prisons, schools, colleges and a regular guest on BBC radio. Karen has had appearances on ITV Loose Women panel, ITV This Morning, BBC Day Break and The Chrissy B Show to name a few.

Kirsty Milne

Kirsty is a passionate woman who has a talent in connecting with the youth of today and can tackle many issues as she can relate to multiple problems they face in their home life. Acting became her escape during turbulent times in her youth and she learnt to deal with many issues through the craft. At 21 she went on to do a one to one mentoring course and volunteered a lot of her spare hours at a youth club. Knowing how much acting helped her in her personal life she knew she wanted to pursue it and build her knowledge on the arts to then bring both subjects together. Kirsty now has a glowing CV in the acting industry with such credits as ‘Manchester United Commercial’, multiple theatre performances including ‘The Lowry’ and a BA HONS degree in Acting for Live and Recorded Media.



It was great to see and hear the students imagination coming through in their stories and the feedback verbally as they communicated their thoughts well done ladies

It was great to see and hear the students imagination coming through in their stories and the feedback I found it great and loved how you engaged the practical work and linked it in with the literacy when writing the story as they communicated their thoughts well done ladies

Karen and Kirsty are engaging inspiring and exciting . There is something everyone can learn from them particular educators. Our children are often classed as failures but Karen and Kirsty have proved that the education system has failed the children. This project is not about what parts of the curriculum is covered but rather what young people can discover about the treasures that lie inside all of us

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Mr Flekhman

Harvey Nisbett



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